The Atharon Calendar

 Since the beginning of time, numerous calendars have been used to track the passing of seasons, but the one that ultimately prevailed was the one invented on Rhea, due to its unrivaled precision and ease of use. Unfortunately, in the earliest of times the people of Rhea didn't keep any track of the passing years simply because, for them, only the passing of days and months were considered relevant. It is therefore impossible to establish with certainty when this calendar was originally conceived.

The Atharon Calendar is divided into even months. Every year has exactly 13 months and every month has exactly 28 days, with a year lasting 364 days. Seasons vary from region to region however there is a high degree of correlation between the calendar of nature and the calendar of sentience. The defeat of the legendary figure Korwin marked the beginning of a new age and so stands as Year Zero of the atharon calendar, as well as the beginning of the tracking of history in written form. The most significant years are as follows:

( Ancient history )



0   - Korwin is defeated. Solana Mathayus becomes the first Queen of Rhea and creates the HolyGuard.

27   - Solana Mathayus dies of natural causes and leaves two sons behind. Her younger son Selik attempts to usurp the throne but is prevented in doing so by the HolyGuard, which leads to his death.

176   - A vicious revolt overthrows the Mathayus bloodline. The HolyGuard manages to save one Mathayus child and escape from Rhea.

180   - The HolyGuard secretly settle in the Aynur Region and become one with the native people there.


201   - Rhea mounts an unsuccessful attack on Aynur. The HolyGuard build the city of Rigor on the place of battle, Aynur's only port city. The HolyGuard is acknowledged as an independent entity, ruled by the Mathayus bloodline.


354   - Multiple clans in the north of Kaledonia come together to create the Kingdom of Kaledonia. The city of Lusida becomes the permanent capital as the Kingdom begins to conquer new territories and steadily expand.

427   - A Kaledonian smuggler named Hayat discovers a new continent and creates the first settlement on the western shore, naming it after himself.

434   - An independent Rhean fleet lead by Nick Maktan sails around the entire new continent and names it Macaterra.

435   - Maktan creates the first independent city on Macaterra, later to become the capital of his country. The main river on whose shores the city was built was eventually named Maktan.

468   - The Royal Draconian fleet arrives on the western shores of Macaterra, occupies the city of Hayat and the war for Macaterra begins. Due to old age, Nick Maktan passes the command over the Macaterran forces to his only son Lusifer as he sails to the Kingdom of Rhea to gather support.

472   - One-year siege of the Macaterran capital.


474   - The battle at Sampath turns the tide of war in Macaterran favor. At the same time, the Royal Draconian Fleet is scattered from Hayat by the Rhean Fleet lead by Nick Maktan himself. By the end of the year, Macaterra wins the war and becomes the very first Republic in the world. The capital is given the name of Asurtha, in honor of Lusifer's wife Asura who stood her ground with the rear guard at the end of the one-year siege, providing enough time for the mainforce to escape.


575   - The Republic of Macaterra establishes it's first educational facility in Asurtha, the very first Academy, specializing in teaching the fighters in the ways of existing combat classes and professions.


599   - After almost a quarter of a century, the Academy is quietly segregated into three independent facilities: Amphorium for Prelates, Gymnasium for Warriors and Archers, and Sanctrum for Mages.


609   - Valerik Illean becomes the King of Kaledonia and the Illean bloodline begins its reign. He is officially the very first Archon in recorded history to become a ruler of any country.


686   - A mysterious object closely resembling a legendary LifeSpark falls into the hands of Matias Eevan, the last Draconian King in the Eevan bloodline. By the end of the year, a Draconian lord known as Simon the Black learns of the object, unites several Draconian clans into the Grand Union faction. Matias Eevan is assassinated, the object is stolen, but Simon quickly discovers it's a fake. Still, an empty Draconian throne was more than enough to justify a war.


687   - The ''Single Day War'' occured, lead between the Grand Union and the Kingdom of Draconia. Unaware the artefact is a fake, the HolyGuard aligns itself with the Kingdom of Draconia in hopes of obtaining it. Simon the Black is killed on the battlefield and the Grand Union falls apart. Rudolph Harlan, the Draconian general and the very individual who killed Simon the Black, returns to Khan, the capital of the Kingdom, and takes the throne, usurping the lands of the defeated clans as his own and beginning the golden age of his Kingdom. As for the object, it was never found, it was either lost or destroyed.


708   - Darius Mathayus, the leader of the HolyGuard, dies due to sudden health issues at the age of 58. For unknown reasons, the HolyGuard is re-organized and actively begins to participate in political affairs to pursue it's own benefit.


972   - The Harlan bloodline ends and the Elazar bloodline takes the Draconian throne, lead by Amando Elazar. The mighty Kingdom of Draconia slowly begins it's decline as it's interests suddenly change.


993   - The mining works underneath the Eternal Mountains are completed as Draconian miners breech their way to the other side of the mountains, discovering a completely new world which is instantly named ''New Draconia''. The passage they created is named ''Elazar passage.''


997   - Amando Elazar ''mysteriously'' dies and his nephew Ross takes the Draconian throne.


1002   - While trying to prove that the world is round, one of the Royal Kaledonian fleets arrives on the western shores of New Draconia by complete accident and establishes a new route into the colonial world.


1003   - Both the Kingdom of Draconia and Kaledonia launch their conquests from the opposite ends of the colonial world, completely unaware of each other's progress.


1007   - The two conquering armies clash in the thick jungles of the colonial world for the very first time and the First Colonian War begins.


1009   - After continuous negotiations, the Kingdom of Rhea joins the First Colonian War aligned with Kaledonia and turns the war into the First Great War.


1011   - Kaledonian and Rhean forces manage to make their way into eastern Draconia and force their enemy to spread himself thin on multiple fronts.


1017   - The siege of Techna begins as the Eastern Draconian front takes shape and the Kingdom of Draconia experiences it's first great crisis.


1018   - Draconian forces permanently lose control of BlackPort, the largest port city on the western colonial shores and effectively lose their naval access to the colonial world forever.


1019   - A treaty is signed in BlackPort, ending the First Great War. Rhea and Kaledonia pull back their forces from the Draconian continent and are granted all the colonial world they've managed to conquer in return. The colonial world is split into two colonies: Ascaron belonging to the Kingdoms of Kaledonia and Rhea, and New Draconia belonging to the Kingdom of Draconia.


1034   - Constant disputes between The Kingdoms of Kaledonia and Rhea tear their colony apart. The northern part remains under the name Ascaron under Kaledonian rule, while the southern part is given the name of Taragon under Rhean rule.


1035   - The Kingdoms of Draconia and Kaledonia plot together to throw Rhea out of the colonial world. The colony of Taragon is quickly conquered and divided. The two eternal enemies slowly begin building mutual trust for the very first time in written history.


1098   - Experiencing a serious crisis and having nowhere else to turn for income through conquest, the Kingdom of Kaledonia desperately attacks the Republic of Macaterra.


1099   - The Kingdom of Rhea aligns itself with the Republic of Macaterra and the Great Naval War begins. It was named in such a way due to all of the battles occuring at seas. Despite numerous Kaledonian pleads, the Draconians decided not to engage in the war.

 1104   - The Great Naval War ends with the most humiliating defeat the Kaledonians have ever suffered. The war was pointless, neither side gained or lost territories at the cost of countless lives and resources. Flammable liquids are used in warfare for the very first time, invented by the Macaterrans, first strictly used on Fire-ships but soon enough applied to ranged weapons for a devastating fire effect.


1155   - Realizing it effectively became stronger than it's oppressor, the colony of Ascaron revolts against it's ruler and a civil war breaks out, indirectly causing one of the most gruesome conflicts  ever witnessed on the Kaledonian continent.


1159   - The Ascaron Civil War ends and the colony is acknowledged as an independent country by everyone except the Kingdom of Kaledonia. Witnessing the chain of events and the consequences of the Ascaron Civil War, an influential Draconian lord named Desmond Krowling begins his own civil war in New Draconia, trying to gain power by forming a country of his own.


1163   - The war on the continent of Kaledonia ends and the Kingdom of Kaledonia is left in an extremely fragile state. Due to it's colony Ascaron providing certain aid to end the war faster, the Kingdom acknowledges its former colony as an independent country.


1162   - Krowling's Civil War ends and the colony of New Draconia is divided into four parts: three semi-independant colonies (Krowlia ruled by Desmond Krowling, Taragon ruled by Gabrielle Morwayn, Krowling's first General, and Atharia ruled by Nathan Silvers, Krowling's second General) and the colony of Draconis.

1173    - Unable to persuade any of his two former Generals to join his cause again and unite the entire colonial world under his rule, Krowling decides to assassinate them both. The assassination on Silvers fails, Gabrielle is killed but her husband manages to escape with their infant child to Atharia. Realizing Krowling's intentions, Silvers immediately gathers his forces and manages to intercept Krowling before he reaches the Taragon capital. Krowling evades the battle but claims half of the Taragon colony as his own and the Intercolonial War begins. Krowling sends a message to Richard Argent, the ruler of the independent Ascaron, threatening him to either join his cause or becomes his enemy. Argent quickly picks the latter and aligns himself with Silvers, forming the Atharon Alliance. As the war is officially declared, the Kingdom of Draconia and her colony Draconis align themselves with Krowling.

( Recent history )



1174   - At the very start of the year, one of the largest Royal Draconian fleets, headed to invade BlackPort, is intercepted and completely anihilated by the Royal Rhean fleet, in one of the greatest naval battles in history. The Kingdom of Draconia is forced to send everything it has by land through the Elazar Passage. The Kingdom of Rhea aligns itself with the Atharon Alliance and becomes its permanent ally. With his plan ruined, Krowling finally makes his move, invades the Ascaron territories and tries to take BlackPort by land. By the end of the year he abandons the siege and turns his forces around, realizing Silvers managed to push through half of his country behind his back.


1175   - The Atharon forces surround the city of Larissa, Krowling's capital. By the end of the second day of siege, Krowling is killed. After the siege, the leadership of the Atharon Alliance (Argent, Silvers and their generals) quickly comes to the decision to promote the alliance into an empire and declare Nathan Silvers as the first Emperor. The city of Larissa is renamed back to Khin, its original name from before the war, and declared the first Imperial Capital. At the same moment, the city of BlackPort is renamed to Argent, in honor of Richard Argent. By the end of the year, all countries of the world except the Kingdom of Draconia acknowledge the Atharon Empire as independent, but the Intercolonial War still continues, directly fought between Atharon and Draconis. The Atharon Empire receives major support from the Kingdom of Rhea and begins to build its own independent navy.


1182   - Realizing how important it is to have an educated population, Silvers establishes the very first Elementary School in Khin and sets the foundation of the modern education system. The Atharon Empire becomes the first country in the world to enforce mandatory education.


1193   - After returning from her first official visit to the Atharon Empire, the Queen of Rhea establishes the very first Rhean Elementary School in Grithea and the concept of mandatory education slowly begins to expand beyond the boundaries of the Atharon Empire. Unfortunately, not all countries decide to accept the idea at the same pace.


1196   - A major revolt occurs in Techna, the largest weapon production region in the entire world, provoked by Imperial presence. In a matter of days, the city of Techna loses half of it's population and most of it's facilities are destroyed. With Techna seriously crippled, the world experiences a shortage of weapon supplies, forcing many countries to start building their own facilities based on the Technian example.


1201   - Only a few weeks before dying, Gerwin Mathayus, the ruler of the HolyGuard, sends his youngest daughter to Samuel Illean, the elder King of Kaledonia, as the bride for his only son, in order to improve their mutual relations. This event causes the HolyGuard to split into two factions: Gerwin's only unmarried daughter Semira stands as the leader of the Orthodox faction and claims the HolyGuard should return to the old ways of neutrality while Gerwin's heir Miomir stands as the leader of the Loyalist faction and supports his father, claiming the HolyGuard has the right to influence the world in every shape and form. By the end of the year, Gerwin dies and Miomir rightfully inherits the throne.


1205   - Constant and violent verbal disputes between the Orthodox and the Loyalists finally tear the HolyGuard apart. Semira is ordered to leave the HolyGuard and take her followers with her as soon as possible. Realizing her brother will obviously declare the Orthodox as traitors as soon as they move out of the Aynur region, Semira gathers her followers and secretly manages to steal most of the HolyGuard relics that very night, taking nearly half of the  HolyGuard fleet and sailing to the only place safe from her brother: the Atharon Empire.


1206   - The HolyGuard Orthodox fleet manages to reach Argent in a crippled state. Only a handful of Orthodox ships survived the journey, Semira Mathayus died at sea but fortunately all of the relics safely arrived to the Atharon Empire.


1210   - After multiple failed attempts to negotiate the return of their relics from the Atharon Empire, the HolyGuard declares the creation of the Holy Alliance by merging its forces with the Kingdom of Draconia.


1212   - The Holy Alliance launches a full-scale assault on the Empire and HolyGuard soldiers set foot on Imperial soil for the very first time as invaders.


1213   - The naval battle occurs near the shores of Argent. The Imperial Navy scores its first victory against the Holy Alliance and proves itself more than capable of protecting the Imperial shores.


1220   - In absolute desparation, Samuel Illean, the elder King  of Kaledonia, 77 years old at the time, sends his only granddaughter to Silvers as a bride to gain favor and influence with the Empire, in order to save his Kingdom. Responding to this insult several months later, Silvers arrives to Lusida and kills off the entire Illean bloodline, effectively ending the Kingdom of Kaledonia. The Republic of Kaledonia is born and immediately acknowledged as the successor of the Kingdom, eventually coming to rule over only a fraction of the entire continent.


1223   - The Imperial Capital is moved from Khin to Azana. At the same time, Ophelia Elazar, the missing Draconian princess, reveals her presence in the Atharon Empire, becomes Silvers' wife and the first Empress. As soon as the news reaches the Holy Alliance, the war against the Atharon Empire is declared as ''The Eternal War''.


1241   - Nathan Silvers officially celebrates his 100th birthday, his youthful appearance setting many tongues wagging.


1341   - Nathan Silvers officially celebrates his 200th birthday. As it's obvious his appearance hasn't changed much, it becomes obvious that he has the gift of immortality.


1375   - The Archangels, HolyGuard's elite unit lead by Colonel Valiron at the time, disappears in the depths of the Badlands and the HolyGuard decides to actively engage all of its available forces in the Eternal War.


1384   - Determined to end the Eternal War, Silvers outwitts the HolyGuard command and engages them in the legendary battle of Bai Batua. The power of the LifeSpark is released as Silvers sacrifices himself at the age of 243. Although the release instantly kills well over 20.000 people and effectively wipes the battlefield clean, there was one survivor. Arthur Morwayn manages to survive the release, absorbing the LifeSpark and becoming the new Emperor, taking the name Azure.


1385   - Azure unleashes an overwelming Imperial force upon the Aynur region, completely devastating the remains of the HolyGuard. The entire region is anihilated and the population slaughtered, with only a handful of lucky individuals managing to escape through the swamps and eventually reaching the Draconian capital. As the word of the HolyGuard's anihilation spreads, the Atharon Empire is finally acknowledged as the undisputed winner of the Eternal War. Upon returning to the Empire victorious, Azure arranges his official coronation and wedding. Angelenica becomes his wife and Empress. Through a unique ritual, Azure shares the gift of immortality with his wife.


1386   - The Empire engages in its first invasion effort and breeches the Elazar Passage, occupying the Draconian soil for the very first time and steadily advancing north.


1389   - The legendary battle on the fields of Neera takes place, less than a 100 kilometers west of Khan, fought between the Atharon Empire and pretty much everything its enemies had left to throw at it. Supposedly over 50.000 people were engaged in the battle and less than a thousand survived. Due to suffering a total defeat, the Empire retreats beyond the Elazar Passage and walls it off from the other side, effectively securing its only land entrance. As the hostilities subside, the Kingdom of Draconia silently falls apart into multiple countries, the Draconian Dominion becoming its successor and controlling only one quarter of the Draconian continent. Strangely, the Arcane bloodline becomes the ruler of the Dominion, the only aristocrats who had the fortune to escape the HolyGuard purge only several years earlier.


1390   - After putting up with several corsair attacks on Imperial ships, The Atharon Empire launches an assault on Corsolla. For an entire year the Corsollan archipelago is under a total blockade as Azure sends the clear message to the entire world not to meddle with Imperial affairs.


1400   - The Atharon Empress gives birth to the very first imperial Archon.

1401   - The Atharon Empire purchases the island of Nox from the Draconian sovereignty of Devnes and begins the Envoy Project. At the same time, the Empire begins the Eternal Project, steadily constructing the Eternal Wall.


1409   - The Envoy Project is completed and the international diplomatic sanctuary is officially born. Envoy is acknowledged as the all-neutral country owned and maintained by the Atharon Empire, and becomes the only available way to communicate with the Empire itself. The Kingdom of Rhea is the very first country to be granted an Embassy on Envoy, quickly followed by the Republics of Macaterra and Kaledonia.

1425 - The Atharon Empress gives birth to the second imperial Archon, establishing a ritual by which she will deliver birth to an additional Archon every 25 years.


1500   - Despite many objections, Corsolla is granted an Embassy on Envoy.


(1675   - For unknown reasons, a Draconian Manser attacks the Asurtha suburbs and the storyline of the Exordium begins.)


Disclaimer: Due to the  world-building synchronisation, certain dates are prone to change.

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